Spadantechnic’s CAD/CAM/CAE Outsourcing services is the Reliable and low cost way to achieve your needs in this purposes. If you don’t want employee full time CAD experts to do your part time tasks you can enjoy the following advantages by using our services:

  • Reduced turnaround time

  • Experienced and qualified team of professionals

  • Cost savings

  • Provides the flexibility to increase staff when required

  • Using the advantages of time difference

  • Access to vast knowledge, data and images

Nikandishan SpadanTechnic group is capable of offering services in the following areas


Reverse engineering 

Special machines design 

Hydraulic and pneumatic systems design 

Mechanical analysis 

Industrial design 

CATIA V5 application design



  • Reverse engineering 

 To copy from a set, we need to make a technical book and aided these book facilities and materials can be prepared, it contain the workshop's drafts of all components and describe the part and assembly control processes.

This group can do all  periods of prepare of technical book consist of dimensional cabriolet, 2D an 3D design (CAD), prepare BOM table, shopping drafts with geometric and dimensional tolerance, machining file (CAM), producing  and controlling process.Top

  • Special machines design

Sometimes the producing companies need the special machines to make easy their processes. Therefore they couldn’t fide it in the markets must produce it by themselves. This group’s engineers   according to experience of do this projects can accept these tasks. Top 


  • Hydraulic and pneumatic systems design

Most of industrial machines work by hydraulic and pneumatic systems so the suitable design of circuits cause to more efficiency and decrease producing lines stop. SpadanTechnic’s hydraulic group capable to design and improve these systems.Top

  • Mechanical analysis

    In mechanical design it’s important to know the finite element analysis. CAE analysis in this company done by ABAQUS and ABAQUS FOR CATIA software.Top

  • Industrial design

    Nowadays in marketing the machine must be have suitable appearance and according to the customer beside the good quality. Spadan technic’s industrial group capable to design products at this area.Top

  • CATIA V5 application design

At the most of industrial companies; special machines, molds and control instruments are similar to each other so if we have the parametric CAD design of each set; it’s easy to use them for other products by change their parameters.Top