Command template for CATIA according AutoCAD commands

Command template for CATIA according AutoCAD commands

As you know the use the command box in CAD software helps to design more easily and quickly. For example in AutoCAD to drew "Line" if you just type "L" in command box the “Line” be called. There is this ability in CATIA too, but most of users don’t use it.

Spadantechnic group customized CATIA commands according to AutoCAD and release it.

note: you don't need type "c:"

you can see the commands here


Key Command
nv Normal View
mv Create Multi-View
tv Top View
rv Right View
fv Front View
z Fit All In
z+ Zoom In
z- Zoom Out
za Zoom Area
p Pan
Alt+v Hide/Show
w Wireframe
she Shading With Edge
sh Shading
ap Apply Material
cap Capture
vid Video
Sketch & Drafting
sk Sketch
po Point
l Line
c Circle
c3p Three Point Circle
c3tan Tri-Tangent Circle
rec Rectangle
recc Centered Rectangle
a Arc
a3p Three Point Arc
sp Spline
pl Profile
hex Hexogon
pro Project 3D Elements
f Corner
cha Chamfer
tr Trim
qtr Quick Trim
sym Symmetry
mi Mirror
o Offset
ska Sketch Analysis
co Constraint
cd Constraint Defined in Dialog Box
mb Measure Between
ew Exit Workbench
Part Design
pad Pad
poc Pocket
pla Plane
po Point
l Line
c Circle
hel Helix
t Text
Assemble Design
coi Coincidence
con Contact Constraint
off Offset Constraint
ang Angle Constraint
np New Part
npr New Product
nco New Component
bom Bill Of Material
cb Catalog Browser
Generative Shape Design
e extrude
r revolve
sw Sweep
fill fill
l Line
c Circle
hel Helix

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